8 days

8 days left....tick tock, tick, tick, tick......

So today I decided to give my husband a blog name. I have read other blogs and the wives have a nickname for their hubby so it came to me today, like a smell that reminds you of something familiar.

His name forevermore shall be Scrapper.

As you scream for the answer of why.....let me tell you. Settle down in front. Ok. My husband is not a big guy, BUT for the love all that is unholy, DO NOT MESS WITH HIM!!!!!!! He cracks me up sometimes with his stories of fighting with this guy or that guy and honestly, I kind of thought that he was telling me the stories to impress me. Well, when I was at the armory for the blessed FRG event, this guy came up to him to ask about a formation and he honestly looked scared to talk to my husband. My husband????? He's a big loveable goofball. Of course, I won't let out that little secret to "the guys". But really, it was a bit of amusement for the day. Especially, considering my impression of him before we started dating. I'll tell that story one day on the blog, when I need to reminisce a little while he's gone. I love the story and I love my little Scrapper!!!!

I can't help it, it makes me smile every time I write it.


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