Final Chapter

As his leave draws to a close I have faced all the answers I have gotten during this time. I was able to say things that I never thought I would say out loud and I have cried tears that I though were long dried up.

I have decided to conclude my time spent here with you. You have listened to all my crying and whining and bitching and I appreciate whole heartedly your comments and encouragement. I realized though that what was happening in my life wasn't because of the army or this deployment, perhaps all that just made me face what I had run from for so long but I honestly believe that it mocks those of you who do face deployments and separations and wait at home praying and hoping that all will be well again soon. You all deserve the time to blog and feel that support from a great group of milspouses waiting in the wings to encourage you on.

As for me, the next step isn't an easy one and I'm not sure what path will be trod, but I hold all of you in my heart and my thoughts and pray for the safe return of your hubbies and a life full of promise and love.

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