Taking Time

I started writing this blog as a means to get out my feelings about my husband's upcoming deployment without burdening him or my friends when I'm up in the middle of night. I assure you my reasons were purely selfish.

However, what I have received thus far has humbled me beyond what any words could describe. I have received comments from other wives (you know who you are) that have made me feel so comforted. Wives who have experienced it all at some point and selflessly offer their support and encouragement to a stranger that felt as though I was only yelling into an empty room. I had to take some time to just let you know how important you are to me. How encouraging you have been and how much my heart goes out to each of you for your sacrifices, your tears, your lonely nights, and your fear.

Our husbands are heroes in every sense of the word. Mine in particular would be my hero even if he never put on a uniform. But you all are heroes too. The silent heroes who slip in the things they forget in their bags, who brave the day to day decisions on your own, who hold vigil until you hear their voice or hear that other wives have heard from their husbands, and who will stand at attention waiting for their soldier to come home.

I hope that when my time comes, I too can be a hero. I hope I will one day be able to make you proud and honor the traditions that come with being a military wife. So thank you all for reaching out to me and being a friend and for making me feel like I didn't just marry into his family, but I married into an even bigger and even more amazing family.


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