"Everything has to be perfect." This has been my mantra all this week. My friend told me that you would think we were dating still and I wanted to impress him. Well in a way, it feels like we are still dating because of the lack of married life we have spent together, but on a deeper level I don't think I'm trying to impress him as much as I want him to always want to come home. I want him to feel as though he was missed and that we look forward to him returning. Whether it's for this short 3 week training session or a long deployment. Everyone should know how much the people in their lives care for them.

So I make no apologies to getting all the laundry done so I can focus on his when he comes home. I make no apologies for making more room in my house for his stuff so he can start to feel like it is his home too. I make no apologies for changing the decor of my country bedroom into country meets classic car models so he can look around and see his stuff too. I make no apologies for shaving several times to make sure I'm as smooth as I can be so he can relish in being around a woman instead of a bunch of men. I make no apologies for planning the dinner menu a thousand times to pick the best option for him. I make no apologies for loving my husband and putting his needs before my own because I know he'll take care of me too.

And to all my skeptic friends who thought I was too independent to ever put myself in a position to do "wifely" things for my husband I say pfffffffffftttttttttt! I'm a complicated book people. This chapter is titled "The Softer Side of Me".

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  1. Sara Horn said...
    I happened upon your blog and wanted to say hello and wish you well as you embark on married life with one foot in the civilian world and one foot in the military. We are on our first deployment after being in the Navy Reserves for almost 11 years (my hubby is a Seabee) and it is the most hard but rewarding thing we've ever done. You will find friends you never knew you had. God bless!

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