Mixed emotions

My anniversary is almost here. Last year at this time I was a completely different person. I was excited and nervous and stressed, but all that would soon calm as soon as the last dance took place and we were off to begin our lives together with each other. Almost a year has passed and I'm not really sure where we are. Is this normal? I have no idea. I don't even really know how I'm feeling about all this anymore. I guess the day to day and sometimes hour by hour emotional rollercoaster has finally taken it's toll and now I can't feel anything. I'm really scared that by the time he comes home we will have grown so far apart that we won't be able to find each other again. I don't even know how he is feeling about anything regarding us and it's impossible to start a conversation about it only to read the words my time is up I gotta go and then there is no resolution. I feel like I'm such a bad person and especially a horrible wife. I'm doing all the duties of an army wife, but I'm feeling nothing inside. Doesn't that mean that I'm cold and really screwed up?! My instincts tell me it is messed up, but I don't have even one clue on how to make it better.

So with all that going on inside me, I obsess about my diet now. Exercising especially. Down 19 lbs and only 1 more to go to reach my goal for the month and then it's on to my next goal. I need to feel success about something and I need to get myself in control in any situation. I'm just so tired of all the confusion around me that this is safe because it is totally reliant on me and my efforts. I hope everything will be ok again someday.


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