We have made it through the first full week of being together as a new family. There have been challenges and I imagine there will be many more to come. It is a lot of hard work though.

I'm pretty impressed with him though. He went from no kids and no family responsibilities to being with the kids during the day while they are home for the summer. Talk about being thrown into the fire. But he's doing well. The kids are being good and there seems to be more structure in the house than there was before, which tickles me to no end!!!

Still no puppy yet and it looks like the fridge will be first. Hard to cuddle with them though, but I'll be a big girl and be patient and wait for my puppy. Our new debate is that he wants an American Bulldog and I want a Boxer. The temperments from all that I have read seem to be very similar. Anyway, I'll keep you posted on who ends up winning this one. He keeps telling me I can pick the fridge but I think it's because he's setting me up so he can say well since I picked the fridge he should pick the dog. Ok, maybe that's really my plan!!!!


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