I can't believe it's happening to us....

In the beginning of this deployment I was certain nothing could shake us and we would be as strong as ever when he returned. Actually what it did was expose the weak spots of our marriage and put constant pressure on them until they have grown and overtaken what was good.

We are at an impass right now. I honestly don't know what's going to happen at this point. He will be coming home on leave soon and I guess we'll find out where we stand then. Then when he's home for good we'll know if we are going to get counseling and work through it or we're going to agree to be apart.

Before anything, he was my friend. That is what is holding this together for me right now. I don't want it to end badly because I enjoy his friendship and I don't want us to be bitter with each other.

If ever, this is the time when I wish I had a crystal ball so I can see into the future and find out what's going to happen. This deployment would have been much easier to handle if we weren't having marital problems. Where did we go wrong?

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  1. liberal army wife said...
    you didn't "go wrong". Deployments stress ALL marriages. You can only hope and work at this. Counseling is a great idea. There is no failure here, there is work to do.


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