In a few weeks he'll be home on R & R. I'm really nervous. Our phone conversations have been a tad on the boring side. I think neither one of us really know what to say. He has been very loving in his emails and phone calls and I'm sorry to report that I'm having a hard time feeling safe enough to return it. I respond but it feels so empty to me. I do still love him and I miss my friend terribly, but I'm afraid that if I allow to start feeling close to him again it just will end up hurting over and over. We'll be going away for a few days just the two of us. I just hope everything goes well....I really do.

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  1. liberal army wife said...
    I can say - been there... our conversations got so mundane! the toilet needed fixing.. the dog was chasing rabbits... Then I thought about it, that's what we would be talking about if he was sitting across the dinner table, so it was a little piece of "normal" for him. I hope you guys can sit down and talk frankly about what is going on. May I suggest you see if you can find a counselor as well? A "referee" if you want to call it that?

    I can only wish you a ton of good luck and know that we are all out here, hoping it goes well.


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